Top 10 Web Design Tools

In today’s internet world, creating and maintaining a website that creates interest, encourages return visits and drives sales for a client is more challenging than ever. With more social media integration, the need for changing site content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules that continually shift and with that ever-present need to continue to engage visitors,…



What Are Web Design Comps? How Are They Made?

A web design comprehensive, or comp for short, is a mock-up of a website in progress that helps clients and web developers perfect the envisioned design. Web design comps are commonly used prior to actually coding the site so that there is a clear consensus of how the site should look. Comps are not always done for the site as a whole, they may also be created for individual graphical elements such as the site banner. There is no hardline rule as to when or how comps are generated, rather it depends on the unique needs of project at hand.


Funny Web Design

Funny Facts About Web Design

When you stop to think about designing websites, unless a site is designed to be humorous, you wouldn’t think there is much about web design that is funny. However, when you take a look at website design from the right perspective, especially when comparing today’s website designs to historical (hysterical?) ones, you’ll find there are quite a few things that are quite funny indeed.


The Dill Design Wordpress Blog

Why Would I Blog?

Well, it’s time for the first post. I ran a tech oriented blog a couple of years ago, and I really enjoyed it. I was getting 100-200 visits a day, a lots of emails a comments asking for help. The blog’s focus was on technology solutions, and I was really granular with it- taking screen…


Switching To Wordpress

Moving to WordPress

Moving to WordPress!? When I first designed this site, and even this company, I was developing on Drupal. Most of my past sites are in Drupal, I really like it as a platform. I was recently tasked with creating a WordPress site for a client, which I did in about half of the time it…



The Blog

This isn’t a REAL blog- I am not some hipster in my parents basement. Nor am I an expert at web design and want to share. Nor do I have anything particularly interesting to say. Sure I could write about my life, and my wonderful wife and child- but then I would attract our family…