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Every year, new technologies are coming up and these affect the future of social media marketing and digital Ads generally. Therefore, marketers need to watch the social media marketing space keenly or their competitors will overtake them. For instance, Twitter Hashtags has been a good marketing approach for a long time now. However, this technique […]

Social media marketing has been on top of many companies marketing agenda. However what has not been discussed fully is how to use the social media platforms to perfect your campaigns. Let`s face the truth here. Even if you register your company on different social media platforms, without using the right approach you will not […]

Your company logo is what often gives your clients and potential customers the first glimpse of what your brand identity is. Therefore, the moment the customers see the logo, it is when they will know what your business is all about. Therefore, you should visualize your brand as a serious sales and marketing tool that […]

Why You Should Create An EBook Think that creating an EBook might be able to help your company with gaining more leads? If you aren’t, maybe you should. Why’s this? Because a well written EBook with good marketing can help to bring in many valuable leads from your precise target market. This is for three […]

When you start a business, getting the momentum and making profit becomes your target. However, as the venture grows and customer base expands, your focus is more on making everything look professional and building brand image. From designing a suitable logo to focusing on social media profiles of your company, brand image development takes utmost […]

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  A great color palette is an essential element of website design. Color is crucial in creating that all-important first impression and also in encouraging visitors to stay and browse. Many people base their color choices on what they personally find appealing, or they don’t put much thought into their color palette at all. An […]

Many new, innovative, and exciting tools have been evolved this year to enable the work flow of creators who work in the web designing industry, so what new trends can we expect to see from them as a result of these new technological advances, in 2016? Effortless Interaction Today’s Internet users are perceptive, impatient, and […]

The Importance and Advantages of Brand Identity and Design Brand Identity and design are an integral part of every company, and includes much more than just a logo. Regardless of the size of your business, having a strong brand identity and a solid design can virtually make or break your company’s bottom line. A brand […]

A printing company has its own prerogatives, and you want an organization large enough not to cast a limitation on yours.  Here are some tips about commercial printing; what things to look for, what things to embrace, and what things to avoid: 1: Technology A commercial printing company has the technology to serve you well […]