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  When it comes to understanding Accelerated Mobile Pages, the important thing to remember is that it’s all about knowing that it’s about the quick loading process for mobile devices and it’s also about mobile friendly content. Additionally Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP as it is commonly called, is also about optimized content and the […]

A multilingual (multi-language) website is a website that proffers its guests with content in two or more languages. There exist various reasons for a company or corporation to develop a multilingual website: A multilingual website provides an opening to venture into a new market. A multi-language website aids the organization to keep its global clients […]

As Vendors of mobile devices expect these growing trends to continue, web developers are addressing the ongoing issues of presenting websites that will improve users experiences and profitability, through devising best practices for 2016.

Many new, innovative, and exciting tools have been evolved this year to enable the work flow of creators who work in the web designing industry, so what new trends can we expect to see from them as a result of these new technological advances, in 2016? Effortless Interaction Today’s Internet users are perceptive, impatient, and […]

Design Workflow Part 3 – Install A Local Copy of Drupal or WordPress Installing a CMS hosting package on your live server is very easy- most web hosts provide a “one-click-install”. This is normally offered from that site’s control panel, and takes a couple of minutes to complete. If you are just starting out this […]

The first step torwards creating a working development environment on a local machine is to setup a webserver in which you can install and edit your CMS of choice. As I have said in the past, I “learned” on Drupal, and in future posts I will be outlining how to install a local Drupal site. […]

SEO and How To Improve It While working for a friend, he expressed his concern over his current sites SEO. The way he phrased it- his online business was doing poorly due to bad SEO. His SEO used to be good, but now it was not- and it needs to be fixed (This is where I […]

This is the first in a series describing a possible workflow to develop websites on a PC. I have an OSx boot available on my PC, but I am so comfortable on a PC that I find myself not using the Mac most of the time. A developer has also made a program available recently […]