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Are you a web designer, a web design enthusiast or simply an end user looking for a website? Modern graphic design thrives on still graphics in packaging and branding of your work. Good modern web designs focus more on content design rather than the canvas and permanent page features.Web design is more about communication and not decoration.

Depending on what you desire to get done, you need to know all your elements before you start your design. These elements include the logo, letter head, business card, print book (portfolio), website design critique or advice, resume design or revision,  photo or headshot retouching or any other.

Having all the elements you will require will inform your font choices as well as the overall feel of your design.They will also help you personalize the presentation of your work, which is quite essential for an effective portfolio. Therefore you need to identify what colors or images represent you besides determining whether your work feels modern or traditional.


Target AudienceKnowing your target audience really well is significant if you have to come up with a design that augers well with industry standards. This involves a proper understanding of whom you are sending your work to, whether it is an academic institution, a corporate office or an independent company.


Fonts are extremely significant in modern graphic design. They have countless weights, feels and variations which go along way in establishment of your brand identity. It is quite necessary for you to select fonts that are appropriate for your design, especially those that represent modernity such as ‘helvetica’ and the like.


Most modern websites are commercial and business oriented and therefore contact information such as email addresses must be suitable for professional use. Playful email addresses should be avoided and instead you should take advantage of this great opportunity to purchase a domain name and get a mailbox with it. Such mail boxes would be something like this: or Such email addresses give your website free publicity as well as the extra professional polish that you really need.


audio_iconAudio, voice, artwork and photos have become an integral part of modern graphic design. Do you intend to create materials that reflect the kind of work you do so that you can impress potential clients and employers? In case you want to create a CD label or packaging, a business card or any other, first you need to have a concept then  establish:

  • The musicians or bands that inspire your music
  • The appearance of your inspiring band’s CD packaging
  • The kind of visual effect their packaging has.

Suppose you want to create material reflecting your artwork and photos it’s vital to have your original artwork and photography with you and the ability to provide the images through portable storage. To avoid ‘pixelation’ of the image when enlarged on the CD packaging, ensure that you use high resolution images – say 72 ppi (pixels) per inch.


Here you need to organize all the images you intend to use in your portfolio into one separate folder. Your portfolio should contain only your best work for easy assessment by employers, clients, agents and buyers. Text for the projects needs to be in a single document and unformatted for ease of use during the design process. In the case of headshots and resumes, they should be well proofread and available in electronic form that can easily be transferred to the final documents. Images and original photography for the same needs to be provided either online or via portable storage devices.

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