DIY Crush

Let us create an amazing responsive website for your business!

DIY Crush is a little bit different than many of the websites that we have created. While we did make it a responsive design like all others, it was important to have this website target B2B services. When websites are made for B2B services, it is important that they have ease of use, clear call to actions, and a warm and welcoming platform that can showcase large amounts of content.


This website is dependent on social sharing of content from third parties, where they can submit tutorials. These tutorials are made easily shared on all social media platforms through our scrolling social media menu that is placed strategically on the left of the page.

We also made a footer that contains the services offered which appears on every page. Not only does this reinforce the services offered to the visitor, but it also creates rich SEO content. For this company, we complimented their new website with content marketing as well as social media management.