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Every year, new technologies are coming up and these affect the future of social media marketing and digital Ads generally. Therefore, marketers need to watch the social media marketing space keenly or their competitors will overtake them. For instance, Twitter Hashtags has been a good marketing approach for a long time now. However, this technique […]

By now, you know that digital marketing is one of the best marketing techniques for modern businesses. One of the reasons why businesses want to implement digital marketing is that it offers a good opportunity to achieve brand awareness. But what exactly do we mean by brand awareness? This is the likelihood that target consumers […]

The buyer journey for Digital Marketing can be defined as the process that a user follows to turn into a purchasing customer. In typical marketing, the buyer journey is divided into three sections, the top (also known as the awareness stage), the middle (also known as the evaluation stage) and the bottom, (also known as […]