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If you own a blogging website, one question you have probably been asking yourself is whether you should add images to your blogs. The answer is yes! Images play a crucial role when it comes to website`s overall appeal.  Did you know that Images also play a crucial role when it comes to SEO? Therefore, […]

Your company logo is what often gives your clients and potential customers the first glimpse of what your brand identity is. Therefore, the moment the customers see the logo, it is when they will know what your business is all about. Therefore, you should visualize your brand as a serious sales and marketing tool that […]

If you have your own website or are developing client sites, chances are that you’re using the popular slider. Let’s face it, it looks pretty cool and makes your site really pop. Not only that, WordPress provides slider plugins that millions are downloading while others are buying them by the tens of thousands.

  A great color palette is an essential element of website design. Color is crucial in creating that all-important first impression and also in encouraging visitors to stay and browse. Many people base their color choices on what they personally find appealing, or they don’t put much thought into their color palette at all. An […]

A multilingual (multi-language) website is a website that proffers its guests with content in two or more languages. There exist various reasons for a company or corporation to develop a multilingual website: A multilingual website provides an opening to venture into a new market. A multi-language website aids the organization to keep its global clients […]

Microsoft is a pace setter in the internet designs, creating trends and keeping up with the changing times. Microsoft’s latest’s design trends are showing an inclination towards consumer satisfaction. These trends have seen the development of new features or the upgrading of designs that have been in existence in the past. Changing times have seen […]

Why horizontal scroll bars are bad Some of us may hear horizontal scrolling and wonder what in the heavens in this especially when you do not have any knowledge in software or web design. Well, horizontal scrolling is defined as the ability of a program to scroll horizontally using the user interface windows scroll bar. […]

Touch Design and Applications Touch is a leading source of input and interaction across devices. It is easy to use, highly responsive, and consistent. For touch design, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to get high-quality touch applications. For instance; •    You should do application designs having touch interaction as your primary input […]

While Flyers are among the best promotional tools for business, it takes skillful designing coupled with the proven expertise to create that visual magnet and drive the message home. Not all flyers freely offered out there bring significant impact to the firm as inferior designing might leave out a negative image of a company and […]

Typography refers to the layout and design of letters and characters to create visual images of words and lettering that can be seen, read and can be used to convey a message. It involves the careful selection of different font types and the careful use of space including length, width, depth, of letters and characters […]