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Local SEO is about showing customers to your location. Brick-and-mortar or not, if you have an address you can benefit from a local SEO campaign.

Local listings are great for business! They receive traffic from the end stages of the buying cycle – meaning the customer is ready to shop and make a decision. By optimizing your business to receive traffic from local sources, we can increase your local ranking, which will in turn get you more customers who are “ready to buy”.

Our local tactics work well, and we have grown many local business who have just opened their doors (read: 0 traffic, 0 customers, 0 brand ID) into amazing online business entities with a real local following and fan base.


Another great side benefit of local SEO is that your customers are local, which means word of mouth. Anyhow who has run a small business knows, word of mouth is a great thing!

We would love to...

  • Optimize your Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Ensure all local listings are congruent
  • Build additional local listings
  • Research local advertising venues
  • Advise on local sponsor opportunities
  • Interlink local profiles to website
  • Add local meta-data to website
  • Aim keyword targeting at local demographics
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Mobile search is huge! We make sure your business shows up (before your competitors do) on mobiles devices- people are in their cars searching for business that do what you do. Not only that, but applications also pull local data from Google local listings as well- showing up first will always bring good business!

By managing your local listings in a comprehensive manner, we can grow your local business and increase your bottom line. Through hawk-eyed monitoring or your NAP (Name Address Phone Number) and its consistency, we will ensure that no errors cause you rankings and business. When someone is searching in their car looking for a business that does what you do, we want to show you to them first!

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Even without a storefront you can be represented locally

Get the most out of your marketing budget through a targeted local campaign!


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