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Covid-19 has disrupted our businesses like nothing we have seen ever before. An effective recovery plan requires some reflection, proper planning, and aggressive execution. Businesses need to focus on creating an SEO strategy that will ensure a faster recovery.  Therefore, even as governments continue to execute the phased reopening plan, it is time to rethink […]

I’ve been a web developer for many years, and through all the ups and downs that come with working within an ever-changing industry such as web design, I’ve learned to really appreciate quite a few of the many benefits that come from creating all my sites using the most popular content management system in the […]

Web Design and the Funny World of the Web The world of web design can seem small and lonely because we are often looking at a very small part of the huge picture. Web design is an act of contributing to something far larger, to an interconnected entity of human global consciousness called the World […]

There is a new WordPress vulnerability affecting sites, and I bring you this news because four of the sites I manage have been affected by this in the past. The vulnerability allows hackers to embed code in the header of a hacked WordPress site. This malicious code then redirects visitors to a variety of sites […]

Given that humans are image-oriented creatures, color palettes and combinations are very important for enhancing your web design portfolio. Right off the bat, you need to make sure that the colors you use for a website mesh well together; then, you can look to the finer points of aesthetic design. It’s a proven fact that […]

Today, web design is a complex, fast-paced business where not only are great looking, great running websites key, but getting complete websites online is key as well. Never has the old adage “strike while the iron is hot” more prevalent than it is in today’s marketplace. Not only are new ideas and new products hitting […]

Today, it seems like everything revolves around tabs when it comes to the internet. Not only does virtually every browser available use tabs so you can keep track of multiple windows, but websites are using tabbed designs to simplify navigation and ease-of-use. But how difficult is it for you as a website builder to create […]

In today’s internet world, creating and maintaining a website that creates interest, encourages return visits and drives sales for a client is more challenging than ever. With more social media integration, the need for changing site content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules that continually shift and with that ever-present need to continue to engage visitors, […]

You’ve been on the internet long enough to see sites that amaze you and others that you feel like your 10 year old could do. From slick, professional sites with interactive functions, lots of great videos and plenty to keep you coming back to sites that simply don’t work, are hard to navigate and look […]