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Ensuring that your business has a digital presence is no longer an option. Every business owner should think of a website at the initial stage of starting a business. An interactive, functional, and optimized website is what every business needs. This will help ensure that you capitalize on online opportunities. A functional website will also […]

If you own a blogging website, one question you have probably been asking yourself is whether you should add images to your blogs. The answer is yes! Images play a crucial role when it comes to website`s overall appeal.  Did you know that Images also play a crucial role when it comes to SEO? Therefore, […]

Your company logo is what often gives your clients and potential customers the first glimpse of what your brand identity is. Therefore, the moment the customers see the logo, it is when they will know what your business is all about. Therefore, you should visualize your brand as a serious sales and marketing tool that […]

Since the inception of the Internet in our society, the way we interact has been constantly changing. But, amid all the changes, two things are certain. One, it is the new age of smartphones and two, anyone not caught up with the world of smartphones will be left behind. At this point in time, not […]

I’ve been a web developer for many years, and through all the ups and downs that come with working within an ever-changing industry such as web design, I’ve learned to really appreciate quite a few of the many benefits that come from creating all my sites using the most popular content management system in the […]

A well -designed website has better chances to attract Internet users than one that is poorly designed. Images that are out of place, awkward text size, poor spacing, wrong choice of colors, irregular lines and other elements that are out of sync will give any website very poor user ratings. Becoming a great web designer […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google project that aims at making mobile web faster. It creates a less cluttered and less flashy way of viewing content on your mobile phone. Thus, mobile web pages load instantly. It is speculated to be beneficial for SEO in that; it is used as a page ranking factor, […]

There are numerous instances where you may consider hiding certain elements on mobile displays. For instance, you may hide a print button on mobile since it’s not attached to printers; a print button becomes of no use on mobile devices because they only take up valuable screen space. Thus, it’s important for you to hide […]

Web Design and the Funny World of the Web The world of web design can seem small and lonely because we are often looking at a very small part of the huge picture. Web design is an act of contributing to something far larger, to an interconnected entity of human global consciousness called the World […]

If you have your own website or are developing client sites, chances are that you’re using the popular slider. Let’s face it, it looks pretty cool and makes your site really pop. Not only that, WordPress provides slider plugins that millions are downloading while others are buying them by the tens of thousands.