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Ensuring that your business has a digital presence is no longer an option. Every business owner should think of a website at the initial stage of starting a business. An interactive, functional, and optimized website is what every business needs. This will help ensure that you capitalize on online opportunities. A functional website will also […]

I’ve been a web developer for many years, and through all the ups and downs that come with working within an ever-changing industry such as web design, I’ve learned to really appreciate quite a few of the many benefits that come from creating all my sites using the most popular content management system in the […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google project that aims at making mobile web faster. It creates a less cluttered and less flashy way of viewing content on your mobile phone. Thus, mobile web pages load instantly. It is speculated to be beneficial for SEO in that; it is used as a page ranking factor, […]

  When it comes to understanding Accelerated Mobile Pages, the important thing to remember is that it’s all about knowing that it’s about the quick loading process for mobile devices and it’s also about mobile friendly content. Additionally Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP as it is commonly called, is also about optimized content and the […]

As Vendors of mobile devices expect these growing trends to continue, web developers are addressing the ongoing issues of presenting websites that will improve users experiences and profitability, through devising best practices for 2016.

You can conveniently outsource suitable web design experts and work with them to attain your goals within your desired time limits. Here are important tips on how to do this effectively.

Many new, innovative, and exciting tools have been evolved this year to enable the work flow of creators who work in the web designing industry, so what new trends can we expect to see from them as a result of these new technological advances, in 2016? Effortless Interaction Today’s Internet users are perceptive, impatient, and […]