Guided Waterfowl Hunting

Let us create an amazing responsive website for your business!

The new website that we created for Guided Waterfowl Hunting features a beautiful one-page parallax scroll on a responsive design.


One of the first features that jumps out at the viewer is the large header, which we decided to make fill the screen. Having a call to action such as this, allows for the company to easily collect emails for any kind of email list that they might be trying to build for the future. It also allows the website viewer to feel involved and like they are directly interacting with the company.

Another great aspect that we enjoy on this page is the “See Us On Instagram” section. Here, we are able to integrate with their Instagram page, and have their pictures loading onto the website in real time. It makes a beautiful gallery for the page, as well as directs them to follow on Instagram, which helps convert viewers from the website to social media numbers.