John Can Make It

Let us create an amazing responsive website for your business!

The website that we made for John Can Make It had to reflect his brand message. For a man that runs a business who can craft beautiful pieces out of wood, it was important to us to present him in the most competent and confident light.


This design features a responsive design, which will keep the site consistent across all platforms, including mobile. The beautiful featured scrolling image gallery is complimented by animation, and ads a whole new form of visual for the client.

We placed a box of popular and recent postings on the shop page to the right in a very visible area for the website visitor. This is because all of John’s pieces of works are highlights, and this allows for the best ones to be showcased along side the categories, as well as ads more links in for clicking through to the sales pages.

Lastly, we made sure that the social media icons were colorful and easily visible on all pages, as this promotes sharing and liking of all of John’s social media platforms.

John Can Make It