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In today’s digital world, lead generation is a topic that every marketer needs to re-think. The modern buyer begins the purchasing journey through an online search. A report by e-marketer showed that 35% of product searches start on Google. This means that the marketers need to consider the prospects experience and ensure that the landing […]

Internet search engines continue to experience increased use today. For instance, according to internet live stats, Google, the leading search engine registers over 3.5 billion users every day. This means that there are over 1.2 trillion searches every year worldwide. With the increased number of search engine searches, chances are that someone is searching for […]

By now, you know that digital marketing is one of the best marketing techniques for modern businesses. One of the reasons why businesses want to implement digital marketing is that it offers a good opportunity to achieve brand awareness. But what exactly do we mean by brand awareness? This is the likelihood that target consumers […]

It is a good time of the year to evaluate your SEO score to make sure your website is still getting a good visibility through 2018. Search Engine Optimization is important for your business website so as to improve your visibility on the non paid results or what we call the Organic results. Therefore it […]

Since the inception of the Internet in our society, the way we interact has been constantly changing. But, amid all the changes, two things are certain. One, it is the new age of smartphones and two, anyone not caught up with the world of smartphones will be left behind. At this point in time, not […]

What makes your website design a success? Often times, wowing the viewers that we unveil or submit a site design to is a metric of success. Although praise and acceptance from our clients and bosses is nothing to be taken lightly, we should all really be focusing on the usability of the design. Website design […]

Splicing images for web design is an important function that has several benefits for website architecture. It usually takes additional software program not bundled with Windows or Mac – at least, not if you want to splice images on anything other than a basic level. A few of the programs used for this are Adobe […]