Why horizontal scroll bars are bad Some of us may hear horizontal scrolling and wonder what in the heavens in this especially when you do not have any knowledge in software or web design. Well, horizontal scrolling is defined as the ability of a program to scroll horizontally using the user interface windows scroll bar. […]

The Importance and Advantages of Brand Identity and Design Brand Identity and design are an integral part of every company, and includes much more than just a logo. Regardless of the size of your business, having a strong brand identity and a solid design can virtually make or break your company’s bottom line. A brand […]

Business cards are great for spreading the word about your business, services and products you offer. If you are not careful, you could decrease your potential sales by making mistakes when you are printing your business cards. Here are five common, simple business card printing mistakes you need to avoid. 1. Artwork Bleeding When you […]

Touch Design and Applications Touch is a leading source of input and interaction across devices. It is easy to use, highly responsive, and consistent. For touch design, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to get high-quality touch applications. For instance; •    You should do application designs having touch interaction as your primary input […]

A printing company has its own prerogatives, and you want an organization large enough not to cast a limitation on yours.  Here are some tips about commercial printing; what things to look for, what things to embrace, and what things to avoid: 1: Technology A commercial printing company has the technology to serve you well […]

Appealing Portfolio: Know-how Basics As a designer, you must create an effective portfolio that clearly outlines your creativity and the level of competence. Students and those who wish to venture in such a business as web design, prospective employers will only hire you if they are impressed with whatever you have to show – that […]

The reasons that a strong logo design is crucial to a company’s branding efforts are many – from brand perception, to the way it tells a story about a company and philosophy, to the fact that it’s often the first impression it gives to consumers. That’s why a strong logo (think of the Nike ‘swoosh’) is so much […]

When you see a good web site you get drawn in and connect with the content. This connection is created by an identity of the brand that you are viewing. This connection is also the reason that you feel in tune with a brand, and it is also the reason for many of the sales […]

While Flyers are among the best promotional tools for business, it takes skillful designing coupled with the proven expertise to create that visual magnet and drive the message home. Not all flyers freely offered out there bring significant impact to the firm as inferior designing might leave out a negative image of a company and […]

How to Choose a Creative Design Agency/Studio for Your Business Creative design agencies/studios can be helpful to small businesses, large corporations or even self-employed professionals. You do not need to worry if you have no creativity or experience in making attractive advertisements and posters using Photoshop, simply hiring a design agency will allow you to […]