Your Essential Guide For Post Pandemic SEO Recovery

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Covid-19 has disrupted our businesses like nothing we have seen ever before. An effective recovery plan requires some reflection, proper planning, and aggressive execution. Businesses need to focus on creating an SEO strategy that will ensure a faster recovery. 

Therefore, even as governments continue to execute the phased reopening plan, it is time to rethink your SEO strategies. In this post, we feature some SEO checks and balances required for post-pandemic recovery. 

1.  Consider the Use of SEO Tools

In any industry, there are tools designed to help in delivering the product and ensure efficiency. Likewise, for SEO, we have special tools for search engine optimization.  Using the special SEO tools, businesses can isolate faults, and identify any missed opportunities. The special SEO tools will help your business keep on track when it comes to getting back to pandemic recovery. 

2. Conduct an SEO Audit

Another important strategy to help your business recover after the pandemic is ensuring you conduct an SEO audit. Ideally, an SEO audit is meant to ear-mark any technical or structural issues that could be impacting how your business website is ranking on the search engine results. 

The SEO audit will provide a clear roadmap of the actionable approaches. Ideally, the actionable points will be classified under two categories. They are:

  • Technical category: This server-side or website issues that could be affecting search engine indexing, website performance, and visibility. 
  • On-page SEO: the issues that are affecting the audience experience and visibility as well as search ranking of your website

The objective of performing an SEO audit is to look out for quick wins. This is looking for pages, which need a little tweaking. Often, if these tweaks are done well, your website will start ranking higher. 

3. Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

To come up with an effective SEO strategy, it is advisable that you ensure a proper understanding of the target customers. Ideally, you need to take the time to understand what is driving the audiences to purchase decisions. What keywords match the user intent? 

Ideally, the customer’s intent determines the customer’s intrinsic value and it directly influences the conversion. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure extensive keyword research to achieve optimization. 

Here are keyword research tips to ease your experience and help with ranking on search engines:

  • Look for the easy wins
  • Target keywords that are relative to your website domain authority
  • Make use of the negative keywords 
  • Use localized keywords 
  • Keyword spying on the competitor’s website
  • Use Google keyword suggest

Using these strategies, you can achieve an effective SEO strategy. 

4. Use On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization involves alteration of the HTML source code and the content. This is to increase the webpage visibility in the search results. On-page optimization is a strategy that is often overlooked. Conducting an SEO audit can help to identify the problem areas that impact your website. Here are some key areas to focus on while conducting the on-page optimization:

  • Your message
  • The headline tags 
  • Use of bullet points to ensure ease of reading 
  • Proper sentence length 
  • Paragraph size
  • Use of images and videos
  • Schema
  • Interlinking
  • Using outbound links 

The above suggestions do address the crucial areas that you can target with ease and are part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. 

5. Embrace SEO Writing 

Commonly referred to as SEO copywriting, this is one of the most important on-page strategies that impact web visitors’ participation and engagement. Ideally, SEO copywriting is the on-page message giving you an opportunity to connect with the audience. Informative content will build trust in your business. Thus, ensure you are answering the visitor’s questions while talking about the benefits of your products or the services. 

How your content is structured and how well it resonates with the readers is a basic part impacting your ranking. Use well-targeted keywords to reach the intended audience and at the right time. Most importantly, the content should be helpful while ensuring it conveys the intended message, which is marketing your business.

6. Backlinking 

Backlinks refer to using links from one website to another. Ensure adherence to Google guidelines on the use of Backlinking for SEO. Ideally, Google guidelines permit the use of links that are acquired through a natural ranking process. Links should ne natural and not bought. 

Backlinking is important when it comes to ensuring website authority and earning trust. Use on-topic linking, and ensure you are using high-authority and trusted websites to improve your visibility and provide increased brand awareness. Quality backlinks are hard to get. However, there are smart approaches you can use to improve and earn quality backlinks. Here are important strategies to bear in mind when it comes to Backlinking:

  • Use the broken-link building method 
  • Embrace infographics for Backlinking
  • Backlinking through guest posts 
  • Spy competitors Backlinking approaches 
  • Build internal links 

When deploying Backlinking strategies, consider that Google looks in particular for your website backlinks, to understand how the pages are connected to one another. Overall, bear in mind that backlinks do represent the most important metric for search engine optimization. 

Key Takeaway

As we adapt to the new normal it is important we strategize how to navigate the road ahead and get back to business. It makes sense to try the SEO strategies that will fast track your comeback during and after the pandemic. Talk to for assistance with SEO strategies for business recovery during and after the pandemic.  

Chris is a father of 4 and works full time as a network engineer. He loves The Office, P & R, brewing (and drinking) beer, and of course Web Design and SEO.

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