The Top 2018 Website Design and Development Guidelines

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The Top 2018 Website Design and Development Guidelines

Ensuring that your business has a digital presence is no longer an option. Every business owner should think of a website at the initial stage of starting a business. An interactive, functional, and optimized website is what every business needs. This will help ensure that you capitalize on online opportunities. A functional website will also ensure you captivate real and live human readers who are ready to spend. So, what does this mean? Basically, these thoughts should be in your mind from the time of designing the website.

It’s unfortunate that the World Wide Web is swamped with poorly designed websites. Check out our article on failed website designs to have an idea of what we are referring to. For uninformed business owners, a good website is one that is appealing to the eye. They don’t pay attention to the technical and content mark. To make the matter worse, these business people are consulting web designers who have very little knowledge of the qualities of a good website. It’s time that we end these poorly designed websites.  Are you aspiring to be a web designer? Read our article on some of the skills needed to be a great web designer.  In this article, we point out some of the 2018 website design and development standards you need to think about your new website.

1.      Strong Website Security

What are you doing to ensure your website is not hacked? Hackers are not just after websites that transact millions of dollars. Your business website should be secured using the best security suite. Remember that you want your clients to feel safe and secure while exchanging their details with you over the internet through your website.

Don’t expose your client’s data to hackers unknowingly. Remember that this can mess up your reputations or even siphon your profits. In addition, clients are keen to make sure they don’t expose themselves to criminals. Therefore, from the design phase, you should think of the best way to secure your website. Remember that the security suite you purchase should not slow your website. Contact an experienced website designer to assist you in choosing the appropriate website security software.

2.      Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We are in an era where machines are being used to reduce the human workload. We have seen self-driven vehicles, and so should be ready to see robots enabled by machine learning and artificial intelligence in websites. This is no longer a dream but a reality.  Basically, adding robotics today in your web layout gives your website a futuristic feel. How will artificial intelligence and machine learning help your website?

Think of the chatbots used in modern-day websites. These are effective in ensuring customer engagement. Potential clients are out there 24/7 looking for your services and at the same time, they want to learn about your services. The chatbots can be designed such that they answer Frequently Asked Questions. Google uses machine learning to be able to index the content appropriately.

3.      Develop Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are designed to give users the app like experience to web users. These web applications are accessible through URL`s and can be indexed by search engines. During the web design, the web apps are designed such that they give a mobile like an experience and can work on different browsers.

A progressive web application is responsive on any form factor and connectivity independent. Therefore, the users can access the web content irrespective of whether the user is online or offline. The progressive design ensures your website provides fresh content throughout and is updated. Another important feature of a progressive website you should take advantage of is being linkable such that you can share through a link.

4.      Conversion Optimized Website

Think of your website landing page. Is the landing page conversion centric? Or in other words, does your landing page support your inbound marketing campaigns? The landing page is important because it determines the time the website visitors spend on your website. Therefore, if the landing pages don’t support the inbound campaigns you are running on social media, your clients will not bother searching for the items you are promoting. So what does this mean? Basically, web design is a continuous activity. This is because if you are running inbound campaigns often, you have to ensure the landing page is updated.

5.      Maximize the use of Analytics

Web analytics is another important factor. You are probably running different campaigns. To be able to determine which one is performing better as a result of your new campaign strategy, you have to apply the analytics. There are different tools through which you can run web analytics. You need to add the tracking code on each of the web pages that matter in your inbound campaigns.

Key Takeaway

These are some of the things web designers need to think about when coming up with websites. The overall appeal is not the only important factor worthy your consideration. It is unfortunate that many business owners have limited knowledge of how their website should be designed.

Consequently, they end up hiring cheap unqualified web designers who are just after their money. In the long run, they end up spending lots of money on marketing their websites unsuccessfully. Business owners need to shift towards simple functional and futuristic web designs. Does your business website need some improvements? Contact us today for a free quote.


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