The Top six Lead Generation Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses

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The Top six Lead Generation Strategies for Ecommerce BusinessesThe Top six Lead Generation Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses

Your onsite SEO strategies might be getting you, organic visitors, while the CPC campaigns get you more paid visitors every month. What conversion rates are you getting from these and the latest digital marketing strategies?

In other words, you are interested in pursuing the visitors (strangers) you have attracted to become buying customers. The best approach that an e-commerce owner can employ is the lead generation methodologies.

What is Lead Generation?

In very simple terms, lead generation refers to the strategies and the techniques focused on cultivating the potential customers who in this case is referred to as the lead. Lead generation is a second stage inbound marketing methodology and occurs after a business has attracted an audience who are ready to convert.  Ideally, this would be after running the CPC campaigns and attracting potential leads to your website, the social media platform or chat platform.

What are some of the lead generation methodologies that an e-commerce marketing manager can make use of to convert potential leads into customers?  Here are some of the lead generation approaches.

1.   Select the Right Social Media Channel (s)

It is understood that every business is focusing on lead generation through social media platforms. However, what most marketing managers cannot figure out is that not all social media platforms hold the same potential for their particular business. Do not just jump the gun when it comes to lead generation on social media. First, identify the social media platform that works for your business. Are you a B2B marketer? The social media platform that works for B2C marketers will not necessarily work for B2B marketers. The vice versa is also true. Research has shown that LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B marketing. 

2.   Establish Thought Leadership Through Publishing High-Quality Content

They say, “Content is King”. The old adage is still relevant in today’s lead generation. The advantage of using content as a lead generating methodology is the ability to establish thought leadership. Thought leadership entails tapping into the talent, the experience and the passion inside your business to answer the biggest question on the mind of your audience. Moreover, to achieve this, the best approach is high-quality content.  In addition to understanding the art of SEO copywriting for your blog, make sure you are providing high-value content for your target audience. The content needs to be provided in a timely manner and consistently to make sure your audience is engaged. The traits of high-value content are:

  • It is Optimized: the SEO strategies in content writing allows high ranking on SERPs. In other words, it is used to increase the visibility of the content.
  • Provides Value:  Ask yourself whether the content you are about to publish provides value to the target audience. Content that delivers value is also posted in a timely manner.
  • Is the Content Educational and Captivating? High-value content needs to be somewhat educated to your audience, and capture their attention effortlessly.

3.   Nurture the Existing Leads

Now that you are already in contact with your potential customers, nurture the relationship to take them to the sale stage. This is also important after you have closed the sale. It can be done by sending email newsletters or even chat platforms on social media. Like their posts on social media and mention, them to keep them engaged. Through lead nurturing the existing leads, you can attract more opportunities as the existing leads share with their friends, colleagues, and relatives.  

4.   Use the Lead Magnet Approach

The lead magnet offers one of the best approaches for getting more email subscribers or likes on social media. By definition, a lead magnet refers to an incentive that a marketer offers the potential buyer in exchange for invaluable information. The invaluable information can be an email address, phone number or other contact details. The lead magnets are usually a piece of digital material that can be downloaded. A good example is a free PDF report, a checklist, a video or even a free program trial. If you want to generate qualified leads, try the lead magnet approach. However, a good lead magnet should be something that:

  • Solves the problem
  • Promises or offers a quick win
  • Is specific
  • Quick to digest
  • Instantly available.

5.   Make Sure Your Website is SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization for a website is a methodology or a strategy used to increase the number of visitors to your website through obtaining a high ranking on SERPs. The website SEO should not only involve content creation. It is necessary that you consider onsite SEO. The landing pages need to be optimized to make sure they are mobile friendly and can load faster. Contact an expert for E-commerce website SEO. 

6.   Leverage the User Generated Content

The User Generated Content refers to the content that is created by existing product or service users and it is unpaid for. The advantages of using UGC for lead generation include:

  • Increasing the sales numbers
  • Building customers trust
  • A strategy for strengthening brand or customer relationship
  • Helps in increasing followers on social media
  • Builds the SEO value

Therefore, take advantage of the power of user-generated content. It can include a customer review of your product done voluntarily, or a post mentioning your business or product.

Through the above lead generation strategies, a business can increase its sales over time. However, it is important noting that as simple as these strategies might seem, you require expert advice to implement them effectively. Contact today for better lead generation strategies for your e-commerce business. Call us today!

Chris is a father of 4 and works full time as a network engineer. He loves The Office, P & R, brewing (and drinking) beer, and of course Web Design and SEO.

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