How to Optimize your Landing Page for Lead Generation

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How to Optimize your Landing Page for Lead Generation

In today’s digital world, lead generation is a topic that every marketer needs to re-think. The modern buyer begins the purchasing journey through an online search. A report by e-marketer showed that 35% of product searches start on Google. This means that the marketers need to consider the prospects experience and ensure that the landing page is optimized for lead generation. The landing page can really upset or delight the prospect when they click on the SERP link to your online store.

When developing the landing page, it is important that you ensure it is optimized for lead generation.  In this article, we feature some important tips on how to optimize the landing page for lead generation. First, let us review what exactly a landing page is and why it is an important aspect for lead generation.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a stand-alone webpage built to isolate the web visitor into performing the desired action designated by the creator of the landing page. Alternative names used when referring to a landing page include a capture page, splash page, and a squeeze page. The landing page design is usually very simple and it is a lightweight web page. The goal of a landing page is to encourage the web visitor to take a particular action.

Now that you understand what a landing page and the purpose that it serves, let us quickly jump into the important tips for optimizing the landing page for lead generation.

1.Pay Attention to the Landing Page Design

A rough landing page design will not inspire confidence in your services and products. If you are looking at generating qualified leads, the design of the landing page should be your first priority. Ensure that you use a clear and understandable design when you are creating the landing page. Here are some ideas for the landing page design.

  • The themes color should be harmonized
  • The titles of your paragraphs need to be differentiated
  • Get creative on use of shapes and symmetry when designing the landing page
  • Ensure the landing page text is easy to read

To improve the conversion, the landing page content should highlight the unique value proposition. This will definitely depend on the product you are selling or the services that you are offering. The heading is the first thing that your prospects see when they click the link to that landing page.

2.Optimize the CTA`s

Another important aspect that you need to look at is the call to action buttons. The CTA is the element on your landing page that aims at triggering prospects action. There are different actions that the CTA on the landing page will try to trigger. See the CTA as a culmination of your business proposal and so it needs to be introduced by applying sales pitches and highlighting the relationship to the rest of the pages.

When designing the landing page CTA, choose a highly contrasting color. This will ensure that the CTA is outstanding on the landing page. Secondly, remember that sizing is an important aspect and the bigger the design buttons, the better. The size of the CTA button needs to be large enough such that the text is readable easily. You should not use a larger size CTA making the rest of the landing page look unwanted.

3.Add Testimonials From your Past customers

Customer testimonials play a critical role when it comes to a landing page that will convert. Consider that the customer testimonials work as a social proof and so the more the testimonials on the landing page, the more you reassure visitors of the good quality products and services. The testimonials will build trust in your goods and services. A recent research showed that nearly 95% of today’s online shoppers refer to the online testimonials before they make a purchase. Therefore, when you add a testimonial on the landing page, you are assured that you are attracting the buyer’s attention and providing proof that your goods or services provided value to the past customers.

Visual customer testimonials with photo or video are more powerful compared to the use of just text. In fact, almost half of your web visitors want to see a visual testimonial with videos having a higher impact. When placed on the landing page, the testimonials have an important effect on buyers decision making.

4.Include the Live Chat Feature on your Landing Page

The live chat feature on a landing page provides you more opportunities to capture leads. The live chat feature shows that you are readily available to support the prospect in the purchasing journey. It is an important feature that shows a business is more connected to the web visitors, the leads and even the existing customers. By using the live chat tool to build a relationship with the website visitors, you are providing them with the trust and the encouragement they need to become buying customers. Use the live chat feature to connect with prospects much faster and in real-time.

5.Highlight Ongoing Offers on the Landing Page

When prospects click on the landing page, they are looking to see how they stand to benefit if they click on the CTA button. Unfortunately, this is something that several websites do not look at and so they only focus on explaining to the prospects what they do. To generate qualified leads, highlight the strengths and the benefits of your products and services. this is often referred to as the unique value proposition. Formulate a way to explain to the customers how they shall benefit from purchasing from your business.

The landing page remains an important tool for lead generation. However, to generate more leads, you need to consider the tips we have looked at above when coming up with a landing page.

Contact the dill Design for the best landing page designs. We shall provide a systematic guidance on how to implement each of the above tips. Call us today and let us begin the journey of generating qualified leads for your business.

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