The Buyer Journey Digital Marketing Checklist

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The Buyer Journey Digital Marketing Checklist

The buyer journey for Digital Marketing can be defined as the process that a user follows to turn into a purchasing customer. In typical marketing, the buyer journey is divided into three sections, the top (also known as the awareness stage), the middle (also known as the evaluation stage) and the bottom, (also known as the purchase stage). The three sections come one after the other, following a systematic process of inquiry, assessment and finally, consumption. Marketers have known the buyer’s journey for a long time now but with the rise of the Internet, another dimension has been added to the process. It is now important for your company to ease the Buyer’s Journey through digital marketing as well.

Here’s our Digital Marketing Checklist to simplify the Buyer Journey for your customers:

Awareness Stage

  • Identifying Need
    Your responsibility is to make your brand visible but before that it is crucial for you to understand the buyer’s needs. At this point, content should be focused on what your buyer needs and then towards how your company can satisfy that need.
  • Optimize Research
    After the initial awareness of your brand, users will want more concrete answers. This means the specifics of your company. Buyers will typically look for reviews, testimonial and educational materials. Make sure that these are readily available for prospective clients.
  • Prioritize Criteria
    In most cases, users have certain things that they are looking for and a list of their own criteria. Users will begin eliminating vendors that do not match their own criteria. Therefore, make sure that you have educational content that clearly states what your business can and cannot provide.

Evaluation Stage

  • Focus on the Specifics
    This is the stage at which your customers will look for specific answers. After their preliminary search, they will look for more specific content including data reports. Users ill start even more intensive Google searches, digging into the various offerings of your company. Your responsibility will now shift towards creating helpful content that encompasses all of your company’s details.
  • Outshine your competitors
    Now that users have narrowed down their search to a few vendors, you need to outshine your competitors. Create content that brings customers to you. Prove to your customers why your brand is better than the rest. Promos and product demos are popular and you should make these available to your customers.

Purchase Stage

  • Focus on Customer Support
    Once the evaluation stage has been completed and customers decide that your brand is the one they want, your job is to be there constantly for customer support. At this point, making the purchase process is the top priority. Content that is aimed at helping them with product implementation and support after sales should be made readily available.
  • Secure Purchase
    Once your users are confident that you are the vendor that they want to purchase from, your job is to secure the purchase. Content about your product and how it will help meet the customer’s exact needs will help your customers feel confident about their purchase and go through with it.
  • Ensure Recurring Purchases
    If you have effectively and efficiently followed the checklist, most users will automatically convert to loyal customers. The final stage in this process is to ensure that your consumers will turn to returning customers. If you make the process simple enough, your new customers could even help you advertise through word-of-mouth as well.

So, the buyer’s journey is not an easy one. It requires effort from your customers as well as you. However, the easier the process is made, the better it is for your sales. So, try to ease the burden on your customers and make better sales revenue and profits.

Chris is a father of 4 and works full time as a network engineer. He loves The Office, P & R, brewing (and drinking) beer, and of course Web Design and SEO.

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