Importance and Advantages of Brand Identity Design

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When you see a good web site you get drawn in and connect with the content. This connection is created by an identity of the brand that you are viewing. This connection is also the reason that you feel in tune with a brand, and it is also the reason for many of the sales that happen on a daily basis in the consumer markets of all industries.

The Advantages of Brand Identity

Importance and Advantages of Brand Identity Design1One of the main advantages of a solid brand identity is the pride that is felt by employees and the customers who can identify with the brand. Employees and consumers need to have a well-rounded sense of pride in representing and connecting with a brand. This all begins with the right identity design. This pride rolls over into the visibility of the brand. Most consumers, employees, and clients want to be associated with highly visible, and well-defined brands. So, the “look and feel” of your identity can play a major role in the decision making process. The right identity design can generate the right appearance to appeal to the targeted corporations that you want to partner with. The right identity and brand system can position your company in the right way to work with larger organizations, which will increase your margins by allowing you to set premium rates for your products and services.

Importance of Brand Identity

The Identity design can mean the difference between success and failure. Identity design can also mean the difference between achieving your goals within 1 year of waiting 10 years for the right luck and opportunities. In terms of information retention, there are a majority of people who will remember what they see much quicker than what they hear or read. You need to develop an identity that is easy to remember so that they need to see it less and remember it more. Not only is it good to be remembered quicker, but also having a consistent presence with a visual identity throughout all facets of your business and marketing communications will maintain your position at the forefront of existing(and potential) client minds when they have a need for your products or services.

Financial Advantages of Good Identity Design

Importance and Advantages of Brand Identity DesignBrand identity commands a much higher price-premium. Identity Design is the reason why someone will pay thousands of dollars more for a Lexus than for a Toyota. They are both made by the same company. However the identity design is different.  These two vehicles are essentially the same product with the exception of some extra options and maybe a few extra accessories. The identity design creates a higher perceived quality that has repeatedly been shown to positively influence consumer usage patterns, frequency, and volume. Consumers naturally tend to select those brands that they may perceive to be higher quality brands, even when this is not the case.  Brand identity also connects to the repeat buying behavior of consumers, which improves brand loyalty and revenues. Consumers mostly tend to continue to buy those brands that reward them with a higher quality experience. The brand identity is the way to create that experience.

When you are thinking about how to strategize for a higher revenue, or when you are bringing a new Product to market, don’t forget to consider the benefits and advantages of a brand identity. This will serve to connect your brand with the consumers on a deeper and emotional level. You can then use this to form a strong community of evangelists that support your brand through thick and thin. This is like free marketing at all times and places.

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