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Today, web design is a complex, fast-paced business where not only are great looking, great running websites key, but getting complete websites online is key as well. Never has the old adage “strike while the iron is hot” more prevalent than it is in today’s marketplace. Not only are new ideas and new products hitting store shelves with increasing frequency, the need to get information, availability, sales information and support for these products to the internet is increasing in frequency as well.

With the array of website design tools available, finding the best, most flexible and most productive design package for your needs is more confusing than ever. Granted, there is a vast array of tools, piece/parts and modules available for free, but when speed, thoroughness and productivity are paramount, finding a design package that hits all the bases is what you need.

10 Great Packages

Here are 10 great packages from the ~$50 to $150 that will have you producing professional grade websites within hours.

SiteSpinner10 – SiteSpinner – $49 – Main weaknesses are a very weak supply of templates, a lack of scripting support and few image manipulation tools. Main strengths are price and multimedia support.

9 – Web Creator Pro – $120 – Main weaknesses are a weak supply of templates, weak multimedia support and weak user support. Main strengths are good graphics tools and great user tools such as Find & Replace and Social Media Integration support.

8 – EZGenerator – $130 – Main weaknesses are weak user support and a lack of mobile templates. Main strengths are full multimedia support, great graphics and image tools and a great array of included templates

7 – Yola Silver – $100/yr – Main weakness is a severe lack of design tools including no rollover support, no scripting support and no sitemap assistant. Main strengths are lots of mobile templates and a full array of graphics and image tools.

6 – Xara Web Designer Premium – $100 – Few weaknesses but a lack of included images and somewhat limited user support options. Lots of strengths including lots of included templates, mobile templates, decent multimedia support and a full array of image and graphics tools.

5 – Web Plus – $120 – Main weakness is no support for Windows 8. Strong in all other areas including templates, multimedia support, design tools and graphics/image tools.

4 – WebAcapella – $110 – Strong in most areas. Main weakness is user support. Does lack a couple of key features such as rollover creation, thumbnail creation and a Find & Replace function found in most other packages.

3 – Web Studio – $159 – Main weakness is price and a lack of mobile templates. Strong features in all other areas including image/graphics tools and design tools.

2 – Homestead – $5/mo – Main drawback is subscription based, but the price is right. Does lack scripting support but comes with tons of templates for both browsers and portable devices (2000+).

and last but not least

Web-Easy-Professional1 – WebEasy Professional – $49 – Hits all the bases with a couple of minor flaws. No thumbnail creator and no automatic page naming. Other than that, full design toolkit, full image/graphics toolkit, awesome user support and for $50, you still get a ton of templates, both web based as well as portable devices.

While web design tools are easy to come by, finding a package that delivers everything you need can still be tricky. Granted, you don’t mind spending money on great web design software but when you can get everything you need (and could want) for $50? That’s the deal to get.

Chris is a father of 4 and works full time as a network engineer. He loves The Office, P & R, brewing (and drinking) beer, and of course Web Design and SEO.

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