Touch Design and Applications

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Touch Design and Applications

Touch is a leading source of input and interaction across devices. It is easy to use, highly responsive, and consistent.
For touch design, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to get high-quality touch applications.

For instance;
•    You should do application designs having touch interaction as your primary input method.
•     Regulate touch target size, rocking, scrubbing and contact geometry to optimize target.
•    Use snap points to obtain accuracy.
•    Always have visual feedback for all interactions like pen, stylus, mouse, and touch.
When you design your application, you should do it expecting that touch will be your users main input system. Note that touch input is quite different from the user interface design.

Application Tips for Touch Screen

Touch Design and Applications1.    You should run your request on a full screen. You can do this by removing menu and title bars so that your application utilizes the whole display area.
2.    Large buttons and point-and –click interface makes your application user-friendly and efficient. Avoid scroll bars, dragging, drop down menus, double clicks, multiple windows, and any other element that may confuse your user.
3.    Your background colors should be black. Avoid using black. A bright background will minimize  glare and conceal fingerprints
4.    Make sure your clients get immediate feedback when they touch the screen. Create responses such as a visual and audio. For visual response use 3-D button effects and for audio response use click or other sound outputs available.
5.    Disable the cursor so that your user focuses on the whole screen and not the arrow. A cursor may distract the user limiting the use of touch screens
6.    Ensure your application comes in an attractive packaging. You can achieve this by the use of large font and animation.
7.     Your application should have a fast response to touches to make it more fun. Graphics with high resolutions and excessive colors slows down your system. Evade them
8.    Use digitized speech to give instructions in your application. Voice instructions and touch responses make the interaction much easier.
9.    Make sure you guide the user, limit the available choices, and have and make the application easily understandable.

Gestures Manipulations and Interactions

Touch Design and ApplicationsTouch interaction gives a natural experience when interacting with the elements on the screen. There are three types of interactions, which include:

•    Pointer- you use pointer-events to get contact information like device type and location, extended information such as contact geometry and pressure.
•    Gesture- you use gesture events in handling single finger interactions like press and hold and tapping.
•    Manipulation- you use manipulation events for multi-touch interactions e.g. stretching and pinching.


A gesture is a physical motion or action that an input device performs. For instance to invoke, activate or launch a command you use a single finger tap.


A manipulation is an instant, continuing reaction of an object to a gesture. E.g., the swipe gesture, and the slide make an element to move in a certain way. Therefore, the interaction is the result of a manipulation and how it is manifested on the screen and in the user interface.


 Interactions depend on how you interpret a manipulation, and the action that results from the manipulation. You can move objects through the swipe and slide gestures, but the results are different depending on whether you cross the distance threshold.

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