What Is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

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What Is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?


When it comes to understanding Accelerated Mobile Pages, the important thing to remember is that it’s all about knowing that it’s about the quick loading process for mobile devices and it’s also about mobile friendly content. Additionally Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP as it is commonly called, is also about optimized content and the project itself is from both Google and Twitter. The overall idea as well is designed to make really fast and quick efficient mobile pages as a whole. AMP itself can also be considered a more paired down or lighter version of HTML and again the speed itself is supposed to be truly remarkable.

AMP was created for a variety of reasons including;

  • faster content that can instantly load everywhere
  • to avoid and get rid of the frustration of slow speed and frustration
  • to further the mobile optimization process
  • to have the perfect combination of pure readability and pure speed

What makes it accelerated?

One of the most amazing things that makes Accelerated Mobile Pages so fast is that it’s a more reformed version of HTML and with a lighter weight, it thus becomes really fast when it comes to loading capability, and a whole lot more. For you the user it becomes more about easy readability and a much faster speed, as opposed to a program like JavaScript of which can cause a ton of loading slowness, and thus frustration for you the user.

Of course it’s also important to remember that when it comes to using Accelerated Mobile Pages, that the user should remember that the reason it is so fast is because the HTML itself is cut down, and that makes for a truly faster speed as a whole. This speed makes it easier for search’s to show up faster in search engines, such as Google.

The Benefits of AMP

The current status of Accelerated Mobile Pages is currently on the mobile aspect of things, and the research itself shows that people who own and run websites will greatly gain from AMP because it helps to lower the bounce rate from websites that can and do take to long to load as a whole. With Accelerated Mobile Pages, people will better be able to be engaged with more content, to be consumed faster with a faster loading process and a whole lot more. It will also help those of whom publish web content, for them to be able to have their content appear everywhere in a much faster pace, and the content itself will appear in a wide variety of platforms as well as applications. The bottom line when it comes to Accelerated Mobile Pages is that it can load and distribute in a much faster pace, where you can and will guarantee that you’ll get the best of the best in what you want faster.

What Is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?Now, when it comes to AMP content, the content is created under the Accelerated Mobile Pages files. This will make it easier to limit technical functionality as well as a stronger distribution process, and it will increase the developmental process for a wide variety of publishers. Too often publishers have had to suffer because of the high bounce rate caused by slowed down pages, whereas now they can develop an increased development of an audience thanks to AMP. It’s also important to note that when it comes to Accelerated Mobile Pages that it consists of three key elements of which are Accelerated Mobile Page HTML, Accelerated Mobile Page JS, and Google Accelerated Mobile Page Cache.

When it comes to Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML, it’s an extended form of HTML that features AMP properties, expect that it offers more specific tags. The specific tags themselves are Accelerated Mobile Pages tags and they are higher from a performance perspective as a whole. In regards to Accelerated Mobile Pages JS, this is where the best performance and its practices are put into place, and it’s faster, and it’s where you are given the custom tags that makes for a better ability to reach the page and/or pages you desire. Also, the layout itself is previously calculated and and this prevents and disables slow CSS selectors. It provides a real full optimization process in general.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Cache

With the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Cache, you get all content delivered for all valid AMP documents. The process itself improves page performance automatically. Images and JS files load from the same origin using full strength and truly maximum efficiency as well. Furthermore, with Google AMP Cache you get a real quality built in validation system of which promises and guarantees that the page itself is meant to work. In essence with Google Accelerated Mobile Page Cache, you are guaranteed the best possible performance and overall User experience where you can change code for that experience and you can have a stronger confirmation with what you’re doing as a whole.

The bottom line when it comes to AMP is that it’s all about a better performance, a faster load, and a lower bounce rate for those of whom are running web pages. It’s all about getting faster content, when you want it, when you need it, and you won’t have to worry about the frustration of a slower load process. With Accelerated Mobile Pages you get the purest of everything from speed to readability to loading processes in general. It’s a win for everyone and a better experience.


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