Simple and Innovative Web Design Tactics for Your Business

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In the digital age, you can no longer escape the necessity of having an online presence for your business. More often than not, this includes having a website. However, with the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, social media sites too have become a playing ground for you to sell your business’s agenda.  The million dollar question is how can you tap into this enormous potential offered by the internet so as to maximize opportunities for your business? The answer lies in having an innovative web design. Below is a list of some simple and innovative web design tactics that you can apply to your business.


What makes a great site? If you want to answer this question correctly, your answer should not view the site from the point of the creator. In contrast, you should try to imagine the user; essentially the customer who will visit your website.  Most web designs that end up failing are constructed with exclusive care given to aesthetics, as opposed to functionality. By focusing on beauty alone, such web designs fail to capture the fact that customers love websites that are not only great to look at, but also easy to use. One great innovative web design tactic you should consider is optimizing your website’s usability to suit multiple screens. This will enable customers to view your site’s contents on multiple devices without any problems.


Simple and Innovative Web Design Tactics for Your BusinessThe performance of your website entails how fasts it loads. You have probably visited a website that took too long to load, you just gave up altogether. You do not want your customers to experience such a scenario when they visit your business’s website. If your website seems to be slow, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • A hosting account that is either shared or very slow or both or;
  • Improperly loaded Java scripts or;
  • Inclusion of a lot of heavy images

It is far much rare that web designers will recommend a slow or shared hosting service. This leaves open the second and third reasons. A simple and innovative web design tactic to improve your performance in relation to java scripts and CSS files is the use of a good caching plugin, which effectively creates a static copy of your dynamic website thereby reducing server rendering times. A good example of powerful and reliable caching plugin for WordPress sites is the WP Total Cache, which reduces your site’s loading time by almost half. In regards to heavy images, a quick tactic is to manually compress your images into manageable sizes before uploading.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Simple and Innovative Web Design Tactics for Your Business2The primary purpose of having a website is to maintain an online presence and capitalize on web traffic to reach your customers or target audience. The easiest way to achieve such visibility is by ensuring your website ranks high on search engines return pages.  Sadly, most website owners only take into account SEO after the site is completed, when it should have been part of the design layout right from the start. One simple and innovative web design tactic is to keep your site navigation order as flat and as clear as possible. This is because the more folders and sub-folders you have, the deeper your hierarchy becomes, making it hard for search engines to index all your pages.  Another innovative web design tactic you can try is to create a design template for your custom landing pages. In doing so, it is important to keep in mind the length of your content, not to mention leave enough room for any additional text to be added later.

Chris is a father of 4 and works full time as a network engineer. He loves The Office, P & R, brewing (and drinking) beer, and of course Web Design and SEO.

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