Techniques for Measuring Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Techniques for Measuring Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Campaigns

By now, you know that digital marketing is one of the best marketing techniques for modern businesses. One of the reasons why businesses want to implement digital marketing is that it offers a good opportunity to achieve brand awareness. But what exactly do we mean by brand awareness? This is the likelihood that target consumers can recognize your brand, and recall your brand. The truth is that consumers are faced with many alternatives readily available in the market. Therefore, as a business, you want to ensure that these customers can easily identify your brand and prefer it among the several alternatives. If you don’t invest in creating brand awareness, you risk zero customer engagements.

To achieve brand awareness, you need to invest in digital marketing. The truth is that you have a limited timeframe from the time of introducing new products to ensuring consumers are aware of the new products. You also need to ensure that the digital marketing practice implemented works effectively to meet the desired goal which is brand awareness. This is where the measuring effectiveness of digital marketing approaches comes in. So, why it is important to measure the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns (herein referred to as digital marketing) and what techniques can businesses use? In this article, we review the importance of measuring the success of digital marketing campaigns. Then, we will also review the different approaches used to measure the effectiveness of brand awareness campaigns.

Importance of Measuring Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Campaigns

To Ensure You Have Implemented The Right Digital Marketing Technique and in the right way

To begin with, you need to ensure that you have the right marketing campaign type in place. We have seen examples of businesses that achieve success using a particular digital marketing technique. Other businesses try the same approach and fail! For example, you might have come across the story of Pepsi failed video marketing campaign. The campaign failed seriously due to a poor planning from the onset. But why does this happen? The simple answer is that all businesses have different needs. Secondly, the target clients have different characteristics and hence it is important that marketing managers first study the unique characteristics of their business.

To Ensure Efficient use of Marketing Budget and Justify Return On Investment

Marketing managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring efficient use of the budget allocated for digital marketing. Further, they need to justify the budget has achieved the desired ROI. If the business has been investing in a marketing campaign that doesn’t yield the expected returns, the business should abandon this altogether and try new methods. Therefore, you need to have an effective measuring technique that gives a proper report on how the method you have invested in has helped in bringing more sales.

To determine Conversion Rates With an Aim to Make Sales Activity More Effective

The conversion rate is an important measure of the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. It is important to measure the conversion rate of different marketing techniques. This is so as to ensure you invest in marketing technique that brings high conversions.

These are some of the reasons why businesses need to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing techniques. Now, we need to know some of the best techniques for measuring how effective a digital marketing campaign is.

Techniques for Measuring Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Campaigns

The best methods include:

Online Surveys

To determine the effectiveness of your digital campaigns, you might want to conduct surveys by email, on your website and also using online survey softwares. You can ask your clients how they heard of you and if they are familiar with all your products. For sure, they should mention at least one of your digital marketing campaigns to justify why you need to continue using it. A common practice for conducting online surveys is working with focus groups. These online surveys will give you an insight of brand recalling abilities, and also you can measure brand recognition.

Observe Website Traffic Over Time

To begin with, you might want to measure the direct traffic. This refers to website visitors who found your website by entering a URL into their browser or search bar. This also includes those who have bookmarked your website on the web browser or those who land on your website by clicking untracked links. High direct website traffic is a good indication that many people are interested in your company brands. You now need to measure what these people do after landing on your website.  You also need to measure organic search traffic, traffic coming from social media, paid search traffic, and referrals. Analytics baby!

Social Listening Metrics

Another common measure of the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies to achieve brand awareness is using the social listening metrics. There are various metrics that you can apply for measuring brand awareness on social platforms. These include:

Tracking The Volume of Mentions

Whenever nonaffiliated and non-sponsored users mention your brand online, they produce user-generated content on social media. These mentions are a measure of how well your brand is becoming famous online. It is commonly referred to as earned media. Achieving a high amount of earned media is an indication of high brand awareness. In turn, this means that your digital marketing campaign is performing well.  Note that people can only talk about your brand if they are aware of it.

Tracking Engagement Levels

This is the number of interactions earned for online mentions of your brand. This includes shares, comments, and likes earned.

Track Your Social Media Reach

Through social media reach, you are able to get an idea of the number of potential views you are likely to get whenever your brand is mentioned online. Note that social media reach is not the same as social media mentions. Instead, this is a measure of the number of people likely to read about or see brand mention on social media. For instance, you might want to determine the number of potential social media users who might see your brand when mentioned on a particular social media platform. Measure the social media reach to determine if you have implemented a good digital marketing campaign.

Through the above digital media effectiveness measures, brands can be able to determine the effectiveness of digital marketing plans that they implement. You might also want to seek expert help when it comes to implementation of these measures. Contact the Dill Design for advice when it comes to digital marketing and measuring the effectiveness of your current digital marketing campaigns.

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