Understanding Corporate Identity Design

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Corporate identity design is used for branding or re-branding a corporate image. When the design is for an original branding campaign, then the idea is to create a logo, and in some cases, even a corporate title to communicate a positive company image. Re-branding occurs when a corporate design goes stale and stops attracting attention because it is outdated or it can also occur when a company has a public relations problem. To remove the negative association in the public’s mind that might have come about with some public controversy, a company may decide to re-brand and re-title some of its offerings or even large areas of their business presence to give their brand a new, more pristine, life. This would be accomplished by totally redesigning an old logo or title to pick up more positive associations in the future.

Review Your Designs Periodically

Understanding Corporate Identity DesignIn an ideal world, all company brands would have the staying power and positive associations of a Coca-Cola logo. Unfortunately, more often than not, brands go stale or run across some public relations problems. It’s a good thing to review your branding every few years to make sure you keeping up with the trends in popular culture. Changes in technology can also impact your corporate identity design, as some well-known brands have learned the hard way. Yellow logos may stick out on paper, but are notoriously difficult to make out online. By hiring someone to redesign your company logo, you can often reinvigorate sales and make a new name for yourself.

What Makes An Effective Corporate Identity Design

Understanding Corporate Identity DesignA corporate logo or title that is memorable is a top choice, but it should be memorable in a good way. You don’t want it to be memorable because it looks old-fashioned or ugly. As a part of popular culture, it’s very important for a corporate design to take into account the tastes of their audience and try to keep up with them as they change over time. Otherwise, like an Arial font that makes you think of simpler times, your corporate identity can appear old-fashioned too. Successful identity designs are classic and vigorously defended as trademarks which have the power to sell a product based on the popularity of the design alone.

How A Corporate Identity Design Is Like A Movie Star

Think of a corporate identity design as a type of A list movie star that headlines a product or service. Like a famous movie star, anything with their name or image tends to sell better than those with lesser known names. People don’t just want to see a movie with them in it, they will also often buy memorabilia with the image of the famous star too. This is the same with a brand that becomes famous in its own right. People associate it with positive qualities and will buy more from that company than those who do not have the same brand. That’s because they remember them better, when it comes time to buy too. When a design is associated with a brand name, it becomes much easier to remember and more collectible, should the company identity ever make it into the ranks of the superstars. A memorable corporate identity design is the vehicle that leads to sales and instant name recognition whether your product is competing on a shelf or in an online marketplace.

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