How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Supercharge Your Tweet Engagements #moreuserengagements

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How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Supercharge Your Tweet Engagements #moreuserengagements

Social media marketing has been on top of many companies marketing agenda. However what has not been discussed fully is how to use the social media platforms to perfect your campaigns. Let`s face the truth here. Even if you register your company on different social media platforms, without using the right approach you will not achieve success. Every social media platform is developed uniquely from the rest and hence works in a different way. However, what is true on all social media networks is that you have to give to receive. Basically, you have to develop content that will attract the attention of your specific audience.

Before you launch your social media marketing campaigns, it`s imperative to know how the specific network works. It is important to spend time studying the target audience so as to determine the best approach.  You cannot succeed in the world of twitter if you only have the Instagram Mindset. The first thing that will give you a head start on Twitter is understanding the best practices.

In this article, we will focus on how a business can use Twitter hashtags to manage engagements. Every business will focus on increasing their audience base. Through engagements, you can grow your following on social media. Twitter offers a good chance to grow a brand by taking advantage of user engagement tools like hashtags. So how can you use the hashtags to grow engagements on twitter? Let’s see.

Joining a Conversation – #trendingtopic

One of the best techniques to propel your brand into the limelight on twitter is taking advantage of a trending hashtag. The trending hashtags on twitter will help you get a high audience as your brand will appear in the latest topics. However, it is important to remain on topic or else people will assume your tweets as bad traffic and ignore what you posted. Note that trends in twitter are determined using an algorithm and that they are tailored based on the people you follow. So how can you get to know the trending topics on twitter?

  • Use tools that show you the trending topics. Examples of these tools are Rite Tag, Sprout Social, Trendsmap, and Twitter Native.
  • Check on your Twitter account. Twitter will display trending topics and you can view them and identify the best to take advantage of.

Ensure Your Hashtag is Simple and Easy to Read – #keepitsimple

Your audience will reply back to you using the hashtag and often will do so using a mobile device. Thus, a hashtag that is simple and easy to remember is important to ensure you have an ongoing conversation with your audience. Otherwise, they will miss the spelling or the sequence and you will not achieve engagements as you ought to. Use a maximum of three words so that the hashtag is short for easy remembrance. Long hashtags will often lead to misplaced words and you will miss what the customers have to say. Whereas hashtags are often in lowercase letters, using a mixture of upper and lower case hashtags will make your hashtag simple to read.

Advice your audience on the right Hashtag to use- #differentiate

Often, businesses will have multiple hashtags on Twitter. It can be very confusing to the audience if you don’t communicate. If you are starting a campaign, let the audience know which hashtag to reply to you through. There is a general use hashtag for everyday conversations and a custom hashtag which is for a specific campaign. If you are using a hashtag for a campaign that runs for a certain period, advice your audience to reply using that hashtag. This will eliminate any possible errors when sending replies. Therefore, ensure you have informed them prior to the campaign.

Use Hashtags That You Are Already using on other Social Media Platforms #Guardyouridentity

Your target audience is not only using Twitter. If you are already enjoying a good audience on Instagram, you can also attract an audience on Twitter. This is easy if you use the Instagram hashtags on twitter as well. However, remember that this is easier if you use the hashtag you are already using on Instagram and other platforms on twitter. Your Instagram audience (Already using Twitter) will easily identify you if you use similar hashtags on both social media platforms. Therefore, identify the most common hashtags on other platforms and take them to Twitter as well.

Research about a Hashtag Before Using it #checkitout

Consider the fact that some hashtags already have a bad reputation on social media. It is possible to use the same hashtag that has a negative reputation if you don’t first research about it. You can research about a hashtag easily using research tools such as Alternatively, you can use the Twitter search bar to look for a specific hashtag and identify if it was used in the past. If you identify any negative incidents in which it was used, avoid using it.

These are some of the best practices when it comes to the use of Twitter hashtags to drive engagements. Remember that if used well, Twitter has a potential of getting your business more engagements.

Chris is a father of 4 and works full time as a network engineer. He loves The Office, P & R, brewing (and drinking) beer, and of course Web Design and SEO.

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