2015 Logo Design Guidelines for Effective Branding

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The reasons that a strong logo design is crucial to a company’s branding efforts are many – from brand perception, to the way it tells a story about a company and philosophy, to the fact that it’s often the first impression it gives to consumers.

That’s why a strong logo (think of the Nike ‘swoosh’) is so much more than a name or an image in a box. Society is painted with logos, and a powerful logo design can powerfully distinguish a brand from it competitors.

What follows are some guidelines that will help you design an effective logo that will be the best match for a company’s branding efforts.

Know The Brand

When designing a logo, you must keep in mind that it’s intended to reach a specific audience. Ask yourself, what does the customer care about and what is the brand hoping to be? Research other visual brands, but never stray from the company’s specific attributes.

Tell A Story

Remember, an effective logo design is intended to be a visual representation of a company’s philosophy and values. Evoke positive emotion that tells a story about the brand.

Use Color Effectively

Every color used in your logo design has a different implication, so make sure you’re not sending the wrong message with any single color. For example, the color red can convey boldness and sexiness; green can be organic and represent growth; brown can convey something rural or historical; while blue may symbolize professionalism, tranquility and trustworthiness. Choose color wisely.

Likewise, keep in mind that an effect logo should render perfectly in black and white. A logo that works in one color will be effective in a variety of applications.


2015 Logo Design Guidelines for Effective BrandingSometimes bigger is not better, and an intricate logo that looks awesome in a large format might not translate to smaller scales. Picture your logo on a business card, for instance. Even on a smaller scale it should be instantly recognizable. Some of the best logos out there are brilliant in their simplicity.

While it’s OK to have a balance of quirkiness in your design, keep in mind that a consumer shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing the logo in trying to get its meaning.


There is no shortage of information online as you consider designing a logo, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. Sites such as “Logomaker” and “LogoYes” provide logo design interfaces that are both free and very user-friendly. Using sites like these – and tapping into the other vast resources online – can provide valuable assistance and inspiration.

Think Ahead

Carefully consider how your logo will look several years from now. Will it seem dated? While it’s tempting to follow current trends, the best logos are unique in their timelessness. Avoid design clichés.

2015 Logo Design Guidelines for Effective BrandingUniqueness

Again, the best logo design is one that stands alone – that is separate from all the other brands out there. While it’s tempting to use something iconic from a specific industry (a logo that includes an automobile in it for a car company, for example), keep in mind that the Apple logo doesn’t include a computer. And, of course, the Nike logo doesn’t include a running shoe.

Be Patient

Don’t expect instant success. Even the most iconic of logos took time to gain popularity. A lot depends on the company’s success and the market in which it exists.

Chris is a father of 4 and works full time as a network engineer. He loves The Office, P & R, brewing (and drinking) beer, and of course Web Design and SEO.

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